Photos are more than just taking pictures

It also incorporates all the paths I have traveled, the books I have read, the music I have heard, and the people I have met.



My Life Journey Memories

I like to set out. Any place that is reached belongs to yesterday. Even if the mountain is green, the water is beautiful, the wind is gentle. Too deep lingering becomes a kind of fetters, stumbling not only the feet, but also the future.


About me

I am a former programmer and currently an IT product manager. I love traveling and take some photos by the way. I currently live in Shanghai. This website is used to record some of the good photos I have taken over the past few years. is my thoughts and insights on how to improve "work income" and "passive income". If you are also interested in this area, you can go over there.

我是一个前程序员,目前是IT产品经理,热爱旅游,顺便拍些照片,目前长居于上海。本网站用于记录这几年一些自认为拍的不错的照片。 则是我在如何提升“工作收入”和“被动收入”方面的思考和感悟,如果你在这方面也有兴趣可以过去坐坐。